The BONNFLON Fluorine resin produced by AGON COAT-TECH Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of ASAHI GLASS Co., ltd.) is with a high weatherability and excellent durability, that has been having 25 years of experience applied to the construction. A long-lasting Fluorine resin coatings largely reduce the maintenance cost to the traditional paints that needs to repeated reinforcement.

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Brand Agent – AGC

Own the world’s leading technology group, its core technology for the glass & fluorine chemistry.

Applied the industries of automotive glass, display business, electronics and energy, chemical etc., the main features are with a good balance of business portfolio, combined with the potential stability and growth, the variety specifications of product fields own a world-class leading of market scope.

AGC’s subsidiaries and other large facilities groups are located in more than 20 countries, with plus 200 companies and about 50,000 employees, the Group’s vision “going beyond” meaning to pursue excellence in operations, each member in AGC Group will commit to create a new value for this company.